Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Response To A Fan

We, the Jurassic Parq writers, have come under some scrutiny this week. Please read this comment from fan Doc Nein from

“Here I shall summon the words of Ian Malcolm.

"You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could do this, you didn't stop to think if you should."

That said, you've got a number of embarrassing errors on your website that prove you simply shouldn't be doing this.

We'll begin with that interview about "Casting the role of Morgan Freeman." Funny, I don't think he's in Jurassic Park. Perhaps you're thinking of Samuel L. Jackson?

Next is your reference to the "raptor poison contact lenses" Really? Have you guys even seen the movie? I'll take that as a No, since you also reference "that white haired science man" who is not a scientist at all, but a really zany billionaire. And his name is John Hammond. I knew that when I was eight.

Raptors don't spit venom, dilophosauruses do.

When I heard that there'd be a Jurassic Park musical, I thought it would be a joke; when I read about Jurassic Parq's synopsis (really, the Q is necessary?) I REALLY thought it was a joke.

The dinosaurs didn't switch sexes and have a resulting gender crisis. They bred and devoured things, so that life could continue in its inevitably vicious cycle; that's the point of the movie, that life will find a way, by whatever means necessary. Don't turn the one franchise I hold sacred into a vehicle for some annoying political agenda. Hell, I'm gay, but I don't expect my dinosaurs to be.

My dinosaurs eat people. They don't sing.”

Wow. We are shocked, saddened, and impassioned by this comment. We’d like to thank DocNein for reminding us why we are telling this story: TO BRING THE TRUTH TO LIGHT. We will not shy away from our Destiny, and on opening night this Friday at 7pm, the Truth of Jurassic ParQ will be revealed.