Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kind Words and New Lawsuits

NYtheatre.com has posted an amazing review of Jurassic Parq!

"Writers Emma Barash, Stephen Wargo, Bryce Norbitz, and Marshall Pailet have created something really amazing here and I would love to see what could be done with it on a Broadway budget. I can whole heartedly admit that this is the most fun I've ever had at a Fringe show. I laughed for almost the entire performance and so did my theatre-going companions. Go see it and have your funny bone tickled and your faith challenged. You won't be sorry you did."
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Since posted- we have been the most popular Fringe show on the website:


  1. Jurassic Parq: The Broadway Musical
  2. Faster Than The Speed Of White
  3. 3Boys
  4. 12 Incompetent Men (And Women!)
  5. Flesh-Light Stories
  6. Invader? I Hardly Know Her
  7. All Day Suckers
  8. Playing By Air
  9. When Last We Flew
  10. Made In Taiwan

Now for the bad news.

Backstage.com. We WERE the most popular story on that website... until today:


We know that Betty White has her shctick down pretty well, but we have one major weapon against her.

Our dear Velociraptor of Science:

SHE'S PLAYED DOLLY 13 TIMES! She's a legend, people.

Watch out Betty White. You're next on our list of people to sue.