Saturday, July 31, 2010

Velociraptor In A Cage

This is our official music video for 'Velociraptor In Cage".

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stage Makeup

Here is a lesson from us, the writers, to you, the audience on stage makeup. Here is an example of how we turn one of our actresses, Natalie Bradshaw, into a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Here is the Before:

And here is the After:

Ahh, the magic of theater.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1st YouTube Video

This is exactly how the idea came to us...

New Scientific Information On Dinosaur Anatomy

The writers of Jurassic Parq have done extensive research into the anatomy of dinosaurs in order to recreate the most realistic experience possible. It is important to us that the dinosaurs onstage appear just as they would in the Jurassic Era. The photo you see here is a an actor from Jurassic Parq modeling the latest findings on dinosaur appearance and physique.

Paleontologists have learned that the dinosaurs who remained perfectly still while casually leaning on trees were the most successful in finding mates. Although often portrayed as scaly, dinosaurs had skin as soft and as smooth as a baby's bottom, with just the right amount of masculine facial hair. Dinosaurs were entirely a silky white color, expect for their black as the night eyelids used to cover their piercing baby blue eyes that could peer into the soul of even the most guarded females. Suave, sexy and seductive, the dinosaurs of the Jurassic Era were also extremely adept at both disco dancing and love making.

I hope, dear readers and future audience members, that these scientific facts will enhance your Jurassic Parq experience and prepare you for the beauty and wonder destined to thrill you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Truth

Something very important has come to the attention of the Jurassic Parq writing team...

Apparently a Jurassic Parq novel was released in 1990, followed by a film in 1993, both under the (inaccurate) title Jurassic ParK. We are shocked, appalled, and saddened by this news.

THE TRUTH MUST BE KNOWN! Jurassic ParK was not created by destiny, fate, nor the general will of the universe. It was created by a "Steven Spielberg" and a "Michael Crichton".

This is a film of blasphemy! Please refrain from all viewership immediately!

Jurassic ParQ will, through the booming voice of destiny, allow the dinosaurs to speak for themselves, to have their voices heard, and to sing the songs of the unsung heroes. And to dance the dance of the undanced heroes as well.

More updates on this to come...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What is Jurassic Parq?

Hi there. I'm Bryce. I'm one of the writers of Jurassic Parq. Jurassic Parq is the musical 65 million years in the making. We humans have been working on it for about 65 days; Destiny has really been doing the brunt of the early work.

Boldly re-imagined and retold from the perspective of the dinosaurs, Jurassic Parq: The Broadway Musical is an unflinching meditation on gender, sexual, and racial identity in an evolving landscape destined to stun you with its importance. Chaos is unleashed upon the not-so-prehistoric world when one dinosaur in a clan of females spontaneously turns male… because of the frog DNA. The mutation spawns a chain reaction of identity crises, forcing the dinosaurs to question the very facts of life they’ve held as truths.

Jurassic Parq: The Broadway Musical will appear at the FringeNYC 2010 Festival

At the Ellen Stewart Theatre at LA MAMA

Show times are:
Friday 8/20 at 7 pm
Saturday 8/21 at 12 pm
Sunday 8/22 at 6:15 pm
Wednesday 8/25 at 7:45 pm
Friday 8/27 at 4:00 pm

Starring: Mary Ellen Ashley*, Natalie Bradshaw*, Brandon Espionza*, Jay Frisby, Brandon Gill*, Olli Haaskivi*, Emily Jenda, John Jeffrey Martin*, Cara Massey*, Tara Novie and Lee Seymour

Written by Destiny
through the vessel of Emma Barash, Bryce Norbitz, Marshall Pailet, Steven Wargo

Directed by Marshall Pailet

Produced by Bryce Norbitz

Stage Managed by Ashley Rodbro*

*Courtesy of Actor's Equity Association
Jurassic Parq is an Equity Approved Showcase